Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder

I guess tonight we are all going to feel a little Lost without our show (get it? get it? hahaha, I love laughing at my own jokes). So, to fill the void I'm  simply posting some thoughts and questions I have on my mind that have yet to be answered, or I feel have been put aside and forgotten:

1) Ben moved the Island so that Locke could lead the Others (unless Ben has something up his sleeve). Yet, Christian told Locke it was HE who was supposed to move the Island which means Locke was supposed to be removed from the Island, not Ben. Hmmm....

2) Remember the flashback of Miles where he contacted that dead grandchild? When he went downstairs, a picture frame was changed from it originally was when he went upstairs. What's with that?

3) What's with Cindy? She was the flight attendant and since became an Other? This has not yet been explained.

4) The Hydra Station: Why was it on the the smaller Island?  We know Dharma was using it for zoological studies, but what did the Others want with it? The only thing we have seen is that it was used for psychological experiments as with Carl.

5) Why did Dharma build the Tempest?

6) Widmore tells Locke that the reason he sent the mercenary force to the Island was to get Ben. So what was the point of Miles, Faraday, Lapidus and Charlotte? Abaddon tells Naomi that each was selected for a particular reason? Ok, what are the reasons?

7) How did Naomi know there might be survivors on the Island when she talked to Abaddon?Later she tells Hurly that Flight 815 was found on the bottom of the ocean and everyone is dead. So which is it? Does she know the flight wreckage is a lie? 

8) Why did Naomi say that they were sent by Penny Widmore? Was it to get Desmonds trust? She after all, she said they were there to find Desmond. Why were they to find Desmond? Why did Minkowski say they (on the freighter) were not allowed to answer the calls which were coming from Penny? Did Penny know this freighter was sent out to search for the Island?

9) How come Richard is never the leader? He seems not to like Ben as he tells Locke in season 3 ("The Brig") that they are looking for someone to remind them of what they are really there for. Is he waiting for some sort of "messiah" figure to come to lead them as they were once led or something? Most likely he thought that person was Ben after young Ben tells Richard in the forest that he saw his dead mother.

10) Why is Ben so obsessed with pregnant women on the Island?

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