Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recap Video for Lefleur - A Must Watch

Ok, so Sean B's videos are always Must watches, but this one in particular because it has probably a better explanation of what the 4 toed Egyptian statue is, and the identity of Adam and Eve . I had a feeling about it, but now he actually brings in good evidece. Watch it here.


Adam said...

I'm casting my vote... This was the lamest episode ever. 45 minutes and almost NOTHING revealed or explained. Dude, the scenes with Christian? LAME LAME LAME... I would have rather waited another week for a better episode.
No Lost Hangover for me this Thursday.

Hanan D. said...

Yes. Definetly nothing happened. I would also have expected a bit more emotions when the Dharma Losties saw the Oceanic 5, but I guess there was lots of confusion. Anyways, this was just a setup episode. Its ok brotha. Its Ok.