Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, after seeing this episode, I realize this episode is more of a transition episode. It sort of lays out what the next few episodes are about. Basically, being part of Dharma in the late 70's. Most of whta happend in this episode is new stuff. I didn't see much that gave us an "AHA" moment, connecting something that we may have seen in the past.

  • The first huge thing was the revealing of the four-toed statue (at least from the back).

  • The immediate thing that we realize, is that for a moment our friends traveled thousands of years in the past. So what exactly is this statue? This site has a great theory and one that is supported by the rest of the episode. The statue is none other than the Egyptian god, Anubis. Anubis, is the protector of the dead, and in the picture given, he is holding an ankh. If you look closely at the picture above, it DOES look like that is exactly what he is holding in his hand. We will get back to the ankh soon. If it is Anubis, what does this mean. Well, obviously, it means the island is older than Moses. But what is an egyptian statue doing on this island? Perhaps, this island was part of a larger mainland near Egypt. Perhaps some ancient egyptians 'stumbled' across this Island ages ago and settled there (hhhmmmmm...the Others?). Maybe they discovered this Island somehow is able to bring people back to life, or even give eternal life....hence, the Anubis statue.
  • We are finally answered that indeed the survivors DID spend three years on the Island, the same amount of time the Oceanic 6 spent off of it. I had thought perhaps that a few days or so on the Island MAY equal to 3 years off the Island.
  • 1977 - Two men in the Flame see Horrace drunk and throwing dynamite at trees. Horrace later tells us that he was upset after getting into an argument with his wife. But why was he throwing dynamite. I also wonder whether that dynamite was from Black Rock. We know that the Smoke Monster comes out of holes from the ground. Was he trying to somehow call the monster by throwing dynamite at a tree thinking the Monster was there?
  • 1974 - Survivors see Faraday upset at the loss of Charlotte. He says "I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to tell her." Does this mean that he is going to attempt to change what is SUPPOSED to happen? Specifically, the fact that he ALREADY DID tell Charlotte not to come to the Island, does he know think he WON'T do it? Will Charlotte appear as a ghost vision now? Are there even such things as ghosts on this island, or is simply the left over conscienceness that is moving through time? Aaaaahhh, my head hurts.
  • Charlottes body has disappeared. Why? Did the Island take her? Perhaps, because they are back in the 1970's she is not technically dead, hence her body cannot be there.
  • We are introduced to Amy who tells us there is a "truce." She is shaken up about the possiblity of the bodies being discovered and wants the bodies buried. What is this truce? Part of seems to be that you cannot kill the Others. Keep in mind, that sometime between now (1974) and the Purge (1992) the truce was called off. Was some high ranking Other killed that eventually destroyed the truce?
  • 1977 - Amy gives birth to a son on the Island. i wonder who this child can be. The intern says the women delivery on the mainland, which means that the whole birth issues is quite old.
  • Jin tells Sawyer that he is still looking for their friends. Most likely Bernard and Rose and others.
  • 1974- Juliet tells Miles that the Others killed "MOST' of Dharma. Most? I thought, except for Ben, they killed everyone. Was she referring to Ben, or did more survive?
  • Richard enters the Barracks. He wants justice for the death of his two men. Richard is dressed up the basically the same clothes as he had in 1954. Whats interesting is that when Ben as a child meets Richard in the woods, Richard looks very scruffy with long hair and torn clothes. Richard says the fence can keep other things out (the smoke monster) out but not the Others. Horrace later tells someone to put the fence on maximum strength. Will that keep them out? Anyways, Sawyer comes out and convinces Richard that they will hand over Paul. Why on earth would Richard want a dead body? Amy, Pauls wife decides that they can take Pauls body. But before they do, she removes the Ankh that is around his neck. What does that mean? The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life. Did she take it for memory sake, sort of like Rose holding the her wedding ring which reminder her about Bernard, or is there another reason? Does Richard somehow resurrect Pauls body and become an Other? There is clearly some sort of connection between the necklace, the hyroglypics the Temple, and the giant statue. All appear to be about eternal life or resurrections. There is something big that is going to connect all of these and explain a lot later on. But then again,
  • Sometime after this, we can presume that Horrace marries Amy. But, somewhere in between 1974 and 1992, Amy is out of the picture since we know Horrace then is married to Olivia. Was Amy taken by the Others as well?
  • Going back to last weeks episode. The question arose of "when" are the survivors of Ajira Airlines? Well, we know the Oceanic 6 are in the 1970s, but yet, the Ajira survivors are in an abandoned Hydra station, which means, they are in the future. So now we have two sets of characters, on two islands in different times. Am I wrong here. Is it possible that simply the hydra is not being used? Very hard to believe since Faradays notes were found there, which means he was there in the past. If this is true, it destroys my theory, that the only reason Locke is alive, is because the plane crashed in the past- before he was ever killed.
  • Did I mention this episode was simple, yet awesome?


Sue said...

While this episode, like you said, didn't have many "aha" moments- and may have seemed "flat"- it was chock full of "stuff" and elicited a lot of questions--YOU got them all! cool!

Adam said...

Nice blog. My guess is that the truce was based on the same premise as the pact between the Losties and the Others in S2. I do agree that there is a connection between the "natives" and timelessness and resurrection. I'm surprised you didn't mention Locke's encounter with Horace in S4. Remember, Horace had a nosebleed and was chopping down a tree. Those are two connections to LaFleur: nosebleeds have stopped and Horace still has some grudge against those poor trees.

this really was an awesome episode. I would have liked more time spent in the ancient statue days but hopefully all will be explained soon.

Hanan said...


I thought about that Season 2 as well, when Tom told Jack and crew that they can't pass a certain point. Interesting connection between Horace blowing up trees and chopping them down. But, I think the reason he was chopping trees in Season 4 was because they were talking about Jacobs cabin, which Horace built himself.