Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The title is pretty fitting for this episode. It was basically a 'welcome' episode. Setting up everyone together for what will happen later. Not much happened in this episode. But, I have a job to do here right?

  • We start with Ajira crashing on the Island. I wonder why Lapidus said 'oh no!' right before they hit some heavy turbulance. Also, did you notice that after the flash of light instead of them flying at night it was day time all of a sudden? I will get back to this later
  • Sun was not taken with the flash of light. What the hell does this mean? Does the Island not want her back?
  • Obviously, it is settled that they landed on the runway that was being built during season 2. Did the Others built it purposly knowing this plane would need to land later?
  • 1977- We are introduced to Radzinsky. I have a feeling he is going to be a very important character in the series. After all, he is the one showing building the model of the Swan station. He is Kelvins partner in the Swan before killing himself. He is the one that starts making the Blast Door Map. There is going to be a lot of questions revolving how he ended up in the Swan station? What made him make the map? Did he lock himself in the Swan because he was afraid of the "sickness?"
  • Why did they not want the Hostiles to know they are building the Swan? Is it because they don't want the Hostiles to konw they are studing the electromagnetic composition of the Island?
  • Where on earth is Faraday? Is he off looking for a way to go back to their time?
  • Seems like the Dharma Losties are not to happy to see the Oceanic 6 er...5. It almost looks like they think they are now a nusance and from the preview of next week, it almost looks like there is going to be a seperation between the two groups.
  • Ben is back to being coniving. He's no longer playing the nice guy trying to bring everyone back. He is clearly lying about not knowing what happened to the Oceanic 5.
  • Sun and Lapidus land on the main Island and immediatly the Smoke Monster is heard. They then enter the barracks and Christian arrives. Is it a concidence that we hear the Smoke Monster and then we see Christian??? Hmm.....
  • Did you notice that the barracks look suspiciously run down? I even noticed a window boarded up. Infact, both the small Island and the main Island look uninhabited. To continue what I was going to say about the plane landing on the Island during the day when it was actually flying at night...could it be that the plane went ever further into the future, past 2007?
  • I'm so confused as to what on earth Christian's role is? Seems like he is some sort of "entity" that is pushing events what they should be. Don't know. Is the Monster (aka Christian) the universe course correcting itself?
  • Final scene showed a young Ben Linus bringing food to Sayed who is locked up? Why did Ben go down there? Most likely, this transpired AFTER Ben first met Richard in the Forest. The reason I think this is because of his haircut. When he first met Richard, he had the same haircut as when he first arrived on the Island. Seems now ever since meeting Richard, Ben is much more interested in discovering who these Others are....since Richard told him he has to be patient. Or, is it possible Ben knows where Sayid really came from, hence his question asking Sayid if he is a "hostile"
  • Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of the Oceanic 6 (or 5) being on the Island? I guess this is something we will know later

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