Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Recap

Hi all,

Wow, it's been so long since I have last posted something. I hope my two readers are still around. Anyways, let me cut to the chase. Before the final season starts off next week, I thought it fitting to post some questions that have been lingering in my Einstonian mind for quite some time. So in no particular order, here they are

1) What happened to Cindy the flight attendant. We last saw her after she was taken by the Others at the Hydra station and told to 'watch' Jack in the cage.

2) The supply drop - Please someone explain to me how on earth that supply drop happened back in season 2. I have a feeling the writers don't know either and dropped the whole thing.

4) Richard Alpert/Ben Linus Relationship - Here is what I don't understand. In the 70's when Richard took Ben inside the Temple, he told an angry Charles Widmore that, that was Jacob's orders. Now, we are never shown that, but its safe to assume that Jacob never told Richard to rescue a wounded Benjamin. So how on earth did Ben get the leadership of the Others? Also, from the looks of it, Richard took Ben to the Smoke Monster (and, as we know, the Smoke Monster is the Bad Guy that took over Locke).

So this leads to my next question regarding Richard. Does he even know who this Smoke Monster is? If he did, why did he take Ben to it instead of taking him to Jacob.

5) The cabin - I am a bit confused. Why would Ben even make up the story that Jacob lived in the cabin in the first place? Did he one day stumble upon a magical empty Cabin and see it fit to create some lie that Jacob lived there? Didn't Richard ever think of telling Ben that Jacob was not in that Cabin. Did Richard know that someone else was there?

6) Christian - Who's side is he on here? If he is good, why did he want Locke to move the Island therefore causing Locke to be banished? If he is good, why wouldn't he tell Locke NOT to die since its most likely some trick.

7) What was Juliets mark? (it was also shown on a tree once)

8) Pregnancies - Why did Ben all of sudden force the Others to become some sort of Island Scientist working on ways to keep women on the island pregnant?

9) What happened to Annie

There might be more later.

For now, check out these images here and here.
Looking carefully at them, it almost looks its telling the story of the Egyptians that perhaps came to the Island. The image shows them on boats. The other image shows what looks to be a war and people dying and enslaved. If you remember, the "bad guy" told Jacob that humans always come to the Island and fight and corrupt. One needs to remember, that Oceanic 815 is probably in a long line of visitors to the Island that Jacob brought to the Island, starting with Egyptians, then the Black Rock. Each probably failed on their mission.