Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

  • Episode starts out with Caeser looking through an office. Is he just curious, or is really looking for something. He finds some maps of the Island and he also finds a sheet of paper that looks exactly like what Daniel Faraday had in the episode "The Constant". Was Caeser looking at pages from Faraday's notebook? Most likely it was. Take a look at the screen captures here:

  • We then see that the plane has crashed on the Island. We discove at the end that this is the smaller Island.
  • There are canoes on that Island. Originally there are 3 but we are told the pilot and someone else has taken one of them. How did those canoes get on the smaller Island in the first place? A few episodes ago, we are shown that 2, not 1, canoe made it to the larger Island. Sawyers group uses one of those canoes to get to the Orchid, but are fired upon by the other canoe. When the canoes are discovered on the larger island by Sawyers group, it is the present (or future), because we see their camp on the beach. This seems to imply that the smaller Island is in the present (future) time. But yet, we know that the Oceanic six are in the past, on the larger Island. Does that mean that both Islands with both sets of characters are in two separate times? Why did Lapidus leave? Could it be that Sun and Sayid crashed on the smaller plane and want to get back, with Lapidus to the larger Island?
  • Flashback scenes begins. It was obvious Locke would wake up in Tunisia. As Widmore later says, it's the "exit." How did Widmore know to put a camera there at that time? There were no cameras when Ben appeared in Tunisia. Seems Widmore knew already that Locke was going to appear.
  • I loved the conversation between Widmore and Locke. We now know that Widmore was kicked off the Island by Ben in the late 80's or so, because Widmore mentions he was the leader for three decades, which probably means he became the leader of the Others shortly after John talked to Richard in the 1950's. BTW, why isn't Richard ever the leader? Also, if Widmore was the leader, did he ALSO go through some screaning when he was really young as Locke was? Widmore says he wants to help Locke because Locke is "special." Can Widmore be trusted. In season four in the episode "The shape of things to come," Widmore tells Ben that the Island will be HIS again? Is Desmond right? Are they all just pawns in somehting much larger?
  • Abaddon kicks butt. I will get back to him soon.
  • Widmore shows Locke a picture of Sayid. He says he has been following his friends. Ben also has been saying the same thing. We know Ben for two years has been having Sayid kill people that Ben says are Widmore's men. Are they the ones that have been taking pictures? Hard to tell. If I recall now, the people that were shooting at Hurly and Sayid were only shooting with sleeping darts, and never real bullets. Also, how did Ben conveniently have a man in Santa Domingo to inform him when John arives? Is Abaddon playing a double agent or something?
  • Locke starts trying to convince the Losties to return with him. Why did he go to Walt? He wasn't an Oceanic 6. Also, Walts dream was interesting. He said he dreamed of Locke in a suit surrounding by people that want to hurt him. Does Walt have the same foresight that Desmond had? Is Walt referring to these latest survivors of Ajira, or about another group that we don't know yet.
  • Does Walt have a point in the story still?
  • I love the tension that exists. From one side, Locke is told that he is incredibly special and that the Island needs him. From the other side, the Losties are telling him there is nothing special about him.
  • Hurly drawing Egyptian sphinx. A connection to the hyrogyphics on the Island?
  • Locke and Abbadon at the cemetary. Ok, so this is is important. The conversation Abbadon has with Locke is basically the same conversation Elloise Hawking has with Desmond in Season 3. That there is a specific path that has to be taken. When we saw Desmond and Hawking together, we KNOW those things she is talking about already transpired. In a way, that episode with Desmond and Hawking was a sort of Flashback. This might help us find why Abbadon sent Locke on a walkabout in Australia. He sent him on it, because it ALREADY happened. Abbadon KNEW already of Lockes path in the future (crashing on the Island) and therefore, he had to actually send him there. Perhaps, just perhaps, the reason why Richard tells Locke that he will have to die, is not because Richard believes it MAY inspire the Oceanic 6 to come back, but because it ALREADY happened in the future and it DID make them comeback. It's sort of like the whole compass issue. How did Richard know that Locke would need help with the bullet in his leg? Well, because Locke already told him. Basically, the jist of ALL of this, is that the ENTIRE LOST show is one enormous flashback to events that ALREADY happened as they should and now we are seeing how everyone is supposed to live that path already pre-determined to them....or else.
  • John decides to committ suicide. Realize, that he is not killing himself because that is what he thinks will help convince the others (per Richards advice), but because he feels like a failure. Ben walks in and convinces him not to kill himself.
  • The scene of Ben begging on his knee with John standing on top of the table sort of looks like Jesus being crucified or something. Even Lockes arms are slightly raised.
  • Ben is told Jin is alive and is surprised. He also is very surpised to hear about Elloise Hawking and admits he knows her. He then goes on ahead to strangle Locke to death. Most likely, this is the universe course correcting itself. Locke is SUPPOSED to die. That is WHY Richard tells him he has to die. Because it has already happened. So why did Ben kill Locke? Seems the only knew info he got know was the identity of Elloise Hawking. Perhaps Ben does not want Locke being the one to return the Oceanic 6 back, but instead, he wants to return them so that he can return to the Island. If you recall, Ben said who ever moves the Island, can never return. Was this a lie? Or, perhaps, he realizes he CAN return, but only if he returns with a group of people that fate ALREADY dicated were not supposed to leave.
  • We are left now with the question of whether Christian Shepard became alive again when Oceanic crashed just like Locke lives again after Ajira crashed. Is this an issue with time? Lets say, that what I said above about one Island being in one time and the other in another is wrong (which is probably is), this would mean everyone right now, are somewhere in the late 70's/early 80's when Dharma was around. Well, back in that time, Locke was ACTUALLY alive. So could it be, that if one crashes on the Island at an earlier time, before something happened to you, (like death), it won't affect you?
  • I have to agree with what I read here. The talks John had with the Oceanic 6 were really uneventful. You would think Locke would put more of an effort. Why didn't he actually explain what was going on in the Island? Obviously, if he just walks up to one of them and says "I need you to come back" and thats it, nobody is going to listen to him.
  • In the end of season 4, when Jack was talking to Ben, Jack mentioned that Locke said bad things happened because he left. I don't remember him saying that to Jack in the hospital did you? Also, how is it that Jack cracked up about the Island so fast after discovering John was dead (end of season 3 when he talks to Kate at the airport). I mean, one day, he thinks Locke is delusional at the hospital, and the next day he books a ticket so he can crash? How long of time transpired between Locke dying, and Jack meeting up with Kate at the airport (again, end of season 3) that SO convinced him they HAVE to go back?

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