Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He's Our You

So, basically, the episode was rather boring, eeeeeeeeeeexcept for that ending.

  • Little Ben linus offers Sayid a book, Seperate Reality. Its supposidly a book about the experience of the author while being under psychodelic drugs in an attempt at seeing the energies of the Universe (or something like that). Was that a foreshadowing at the (truth) drugs Sayid was given in the woods to tell Dharma the truth? Did this drug help him "see" something which made him realize "why he is back on the island" and what "he has to do?"
  • In my opinion, Ilana was hired by Ben to get him on Ajira. I doubt that there is any family in Guam. That is simply a story Ben told her to capture Sayid. This site says this is wrong, due to the timing being impossible. It was the day they were all on Ajira that Hawking said they had to be on THAT flight, which means there wouldn't be enough time to mobilize Ilana to capture Sayid. But its hard to believe this was all coincidental.
  • What's with that record player used by Oldham? Record players seem to be a reoccuring theme in Lost. We see a really old one that Oldham plays, Dr. Candle and Desmond have a standard 70's modal record player and Juliet plays a modern cd player. And why DOES Oldham have an incredibly old record player? Does that attest somehow to how long he has been on the island? 
  • During the meeting of what they are going to do with Sayid, Radzinsky says he will call Ann Arbor and they will make a decision. Ann Arbor is located in Michigan. This is the location of the DeGroots, the people responsible for the Dharma Initiative.
  • Sayid Shoots Ben - Ok, so what on earth does this mean? What happened to Faraday's rules that whatever happened, already happened? Is Ben dead? Hmmmm, probably not. I have been reading some comments all around and some ideas are that :
  1. the island brings Ben back to life. Perhaps even the smoke monster takes Ben and "revives" him and becomes part of him. Which would mean that Ben ALL this time has been "sick" (like Rousous husband) by the Smoke Monster. Would this explain what Widmore mean't in The Shapes of Things to Come (season 4) when he said "I know what you are"???
  2. I read another comment by someone that Ben survives the shooting. This person mentioned that in season 3, you are shown a scar on his chest. If this is true, perhaps it is Jake that helps him. Wow, that would be twice saving Ben's life.
  3. This is more complicated, but someone else mentioned that perhaps there are TWO time lines now. There is REAL time that has the events we are used to; the purge happens, Oceanic crashes and the 6 are rescued etc etc,. The other time line is this new one being written, where Ben is killed and the purge never happens. This is problematic because Faraday already said you cannot change what has happened; that time is like a string, you can go back and forth but can't make a new one or affect the past. You can read the comments here. Honestly, its all very complicated now. Soo, we will have to just sit tight.
  4. Ben survives the shooting no different than how Locke survived when Ben shot  him in season 3. Possibly, Ben will see his mother and she will utter those time honored words "You've got work to do." 
  5. Richard finds Ben and somehow nurses him back to health and sends him back to Dharma. 
  6. Ben is revived by Jacob
  7. The writers screw with all of us, making us think that things in the past can't change but in fact Ben REALLY DOES die which in fact was what was SUPPOSED to happen all along. Remember, this show focuses on things SUPPOSED to happen and Sayid basically fixed what was supposed to happen all along (sort of like the universe course correcting itself). Yes, I am confused as well. But that would mean Ben doesn't exist in the future because he was killed, and, this because the true timeline causing the other reality to implode....which doesn't seem possible. Did I mention I am confused. Maybe we should shut up and wait.
  • So far, the last few episodes have been bothering me. Part of the reason is that till now, we have been entrenched by the mystery of this Island. It was even a bit spooky and dark. It has sort of been put all that aside now, and just concentrated on this Dharma where things look bright and cheery. Before part of the compelling nature of Dharma was its mystery. Also, there is no antagonist yet, or at least a clear one. We are all spinning around STILL trying to figure out WHY the 6 had to get back to the Island. Forget why WANTED TO, but why did Richard and Christian Shepard make it seem like they HAVE to be there. I don't want the Oceanic 6 to be background players which so far it looks like. I am also bothered by how frail Jake is. I want him to become the angry jerk he was before. Where it was him vs Locke. There was a constant tension between characters. Lost is about our beloved characters, not Dharma.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recap Video for Lefleur - A Must Watch

Ok, so Sean B's videos are always Must watches, but this one in particular because it has probably a better explanation of what the 4 toed Egyptian statue is, and the identity of Adam and Eve . I had a feeling about it, but now he actually brings in good evidece. Watch it here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The title is pretty fitting for this episode. It was basically a 'welcome' episode. Setting up everyone together for what will happen later. Not much happened in this episode. But, I have a job to do here right?

  • We start with Ajira crashing on the Island. I wonder why Lapidus said 'oh no!' right before they hit some heavy turbulance. Also, did you notice that after the flash of light instead of them flying at night it was day time all of a sudden? I will get back to this later
  • Sun was not taken with the flash of light. What the hell does this mean? Does the Island not want her back?
  • Obviously, it is settled that they landed on the runway that was being built during season 2. Did the Others built it purposly knowing this plane would need to land later?
  • 1977- We are introduced to Radzinsky. I have a feeling he is going to be a very important character in the series. After all, he is the one showing building the model of the Swan station. He is Kelvins partner in the Swan before killing himself. He is the one that starts making the Blast Door Map. There is going to be a lot of questions revolving how he ended up in the Swan station? What made him make the map? Did he lock himself in the Swan because he was afraid of the "sickness?"
  • Why did they not want the Hostiles to know they are building the Swan? Is it because they don't want the Hostiles to konw they are studing the electromagnetic composition of the Island?
  • Where on earth is Faraday? Is he off looking for a way to go back to their time?
  • Seems like the Dharma Losties are not to happy to see the Oceanic 6 er...5. It almost looks like they think they are now a nusance and from the preview of next week, it almost looks like there is going to be a seperation between the two groups.
  • Ben is back to being coniving. He's no longer playing the nice guy trying to bring everyone back. He is clearly lying about not knowing what happened to the Oceanic 5.
  • Sun and Lapidus land on the main Island and immediatly the Smoke Monster is heard. They then enter the barracks and Christian arrives. Is it a concidence that we hear the Smoke Monster and then we see Christian??? Hmm.....
  • Did you notice that the barracks look suspiciously run down? I even noticed a window boarded up. Infact, both the small Island and the main Island look uninhabited. To continue what I was going to say about the plane landing on the Island during the day when it was actually flying at night...could it be that the plane went ever further into the future, past 2007?
  • I'm so confused as to what on earth Christian's role is? Seems like he is some sort of "entity" that is pushing events what they should be. Don't know. Is the Monster (aka Christian) the universe course correcting itself?
  • Final scene showed a young Ben Linus bringing food to Sayed who is locked up? Why did Ben go down there? Most likely, this transpired AFTER Ben first met Richard in the Forest. The reason I think this is because of his haircut. When he first met Richard, he had the same haircut as when he first arrived on the Island. Seems now ever since meeting Richard, Ben is much more interested in discovering who these Others are....since Richard told him he has to be patient. Or, is it possible Ben knows where Sayid really came from, hence his question asking Sayid if he is a "hostile"
  • Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of the Oceanic 6 (or 5) being on the Island? I guess this is something we will know later

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder

I guess tonight we are all going to feel a little Lost without our show (get it? get it? hahaha, I love laughing at my own jokes). So, to fill the void I'm  simply posting some thoughts and questions I have on my mind that have yet to be answered, or I feel have been put aside and forgotten:

1) Ben moved the Island so that Locke could lead the Others (unless Ben has something up his sleeve). Yet, Christian told Locke it was HE who was supposed to move the Island which means Locke was supposed to be removed from the Island, not Ben. Hmmm....

2) Remember the flashback of Miles where he contacted that dead grandchild? When he went downstairs, a picture frame was changed from it originally was when he went upstairs. What's with that?

3) What's with Cindy? She was the flight attendant and since became an Other? This has not yet been explained.

4) The Hydra Station: Why was it on the the smaller Island?  We know Dharma was using it for zoological studies, but what did the Others want with it? The only thing we have seen is that it was used for psychological experiments as with Carl.

5) Why did Dharma build the Tempest?

6) Widmore tells Locke that the reason he sent the mercenary force to the Island was to get Ben. So what was the point of Miles, Faraday, Lapidus and Charlotte? Abaddon tells Naomi that each was selected for a particular reason? Ok, what are the reasons?

7) How did Naomi know there might be survivors on the Island when she talked to Abaddon?Later she tells Hurly that Flight 815 was found on the bottom of the ocean and everyone is dead. So which is it? Does she know the flight wreckage is a lie? 

8) Why did Naomi say that they were sent by Penny Widmore? Was it to get Desmonds trust? She after all, she said they were there to find Desmond. Why were they to find Desmond? Why did Minkowski say they (on the freighter) were not allowed to answer the calls which were coming from Penny? Did Penny know this freighter was sent out to search for the Island?

9) How come Richard is never the leader? He seems not to like Ben as he tells Locke in season 3 ("The Brig") that they are looking for someone to remind them of what they are really there for. Is he waiting for some sort of "messiah" figure to come to lead them as they were once led or something? Most likely he thought that person was Ben after young Ben tells Richard in the forest that he saw his dead mother.

10) Why is Ben so obsessed with pregnant women on the Island?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, after seeing this episode, I realize this episode is more of a transition episode. It sort of lays out what the next few episodes are about. Basically, being part of Dharma in the late 70's. Most of whta happend in this episode is new stuff. I didn't see much that gave us an "AHA" moment, connecting something that we may have seen in the past.

  • The first huge thing was the revealing of the four-toed statue (at least from the back).

  • The immediate thing that we realize, is that for a moment our friends traveled thousands of years in the past. So what exactly is this statue? This site has a great theory and one that is supported by the rest of the episode. The statue is none other than the Egyptian god, Anubis. Anubis, is the protector of the dead, and in the picture given, he is holding an ankh. If you look closely at the picture above, it DOES look like that is exactly what he is holding in his hand. We will get back to the ankh soon. If it is Anubis, what does this mean. Well, obviously, it means the island is older than Moses. But what is an egyptian statue doing on this island? Perhaps, this island was part of a larger mainland near Egypt. Perhaps some ancient egyptians 'stumbled' across this Island ages ago and settled there (hhhmmmmm...the Others?). Maybe they discovered this Island somehow is able to bring people back to life, or even give eternal life....hence, the Anubis statue.
  • We are finally answered that indeed the survivors DID spend three years on the Island, the same amount of time the Oceanic 6 spent off of it. I had thought perhaps that a few days or so on the Island MAY equal to 3 years off the Island.
  • 1977 - Two men in the Flame see Horrace drunk and throwing dynamite at trees. Horrace later tells us that he was upset after getting into an argument with his wife. But why was he throwing dynamite. I also wonder whether that dynamite was from Black Rock. We know that the Smoke Monster comes out of holes from the ground. Was he trying to somehow call the monster by throwing dynamite at a tree thinking the Monster was there?
  • 1974 - Survivors see Faraday upset at the loss of Charlotte. He says "I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to tell her." Does this mean that he is going to attempt to change what is SUPPOSED to happen? Specifically, the fact that he ALREADY DID tell Charlotte not to come to the Island, does he know think he WON'T do it? Will Charlotte appear as a ghost vision now? Are there even such things as ghosts on this island, or is simply the left over conscienceness that is moving through time? Aaaaahhh, my head hurts.
  • Charlottes body has disappeared. Why? Did the Island take her? Perhaps, because they are back in the 1970's she is not technically dead, hence her body cannot be there.
  • We are introduced to Amy who tells us there is a "truce." She is shaken up about the possiblity of the bodies being discovered and wants the bodies buried. What is this truce? Part of seems to be that you cannot kill the Others. Keep in mind, that sometime between now (1974) and the Purge (1992) the truce was called off. Was some high ranking Other killed that eventually destroyed the truce?
  • 1977 - Amy gives birth to a son on the Island. i wonder who this child can be. The intern says the women delivery on the mainland, which means that the whole birth issues is quite old.
  • Jin tells Sawyer that he is still looking for their friends. Most likely Bernard and Rose and others.
  • 1974- Juliet tells Miles that the Others killed "MOST' of Dharma. Most? I thought, except for Ben, they killed everyone. Was she referring to Ben, or did more survive?
  • Richard enters the Barracks. He wants justice for the death of his two men. Richard is dressed up the basically the same clothes as he had in 1954. Whats interesting is that when Ben as a child meets Richard in the woods, Richard looks very scruffy with long hair and torn clothes. Richard says the fence can keep other things out (the smoke monster) out but not the Others. Horrace later tells someone to put the fence on maximum strength. Will that keep them out? Anyways, Sawyer comes out and convinces Richard that they will hand over Paul. Why on earth would Richard want a dead body? Amy, Pauls wife decides that they can take Pauls body. But before they do, she removes the Ankh that is around his neck. What does that mean? The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life. Did she take it for memory sake, sort of like Rose holding the her wedding ring which reminder her about Bernard, or is there another reason? Does Richard somehow resurrect Pauls body and become an Other? There is clearly some sort of connection between the necklace, the hyroglypics the Temple, and the giant statue. All appear to be about eternal life or resurrections. There is something big that is going to connect all of these and explain a lot later on. But then again,
  • Sometime after this, we can presume that Horrace marries Amy. But, somewhere in between 1974 and 1992, Amy is out of the picture since we know Horrace then is married to Olivia. Was Amy taken by the Others as well?
  • Going back to last weeks episode. The question arose of "when" are the survivors of Ajira Airlines? Well, we know the Oceanic 6 are in the 1970s, but yet, the Ajira survivors are in an abandoned Hydra station, which means, they are in the future. So now we have two sets of characters, on two islands in different times. Am I wrong here. Is it possible that simply the hydra is not being used? Very hard to believe since Faradays notes were found there, which means he was there in the past. If this is true, it destroys my theory, that the only reason Locke is alive, is because the plane crashed in the past- before he was ever killed.
  • Did I mention this episode was simple, yet awesome?