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Update: First read my post, then read this interview. I may actually be wrong about my theory that the bomb sank the island. It is still very possible that the bomb caused conscienceness to fly back and forth.

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I thought it would be fun to start this delicious premier with a good joke: So did you hear about the new dairy facility that just opened up in northern Israel? It's called "The Cheeses of Nazareth". HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA. OH MERCY. I am too much. Anyways, lets get started and just as a reminder, this is not a thurough recap. I tend to to stick with my theories or other interesting things that go on.

So apparently, Faraday's plan worked. I say apparently, because Faraday and Co. thought that everything would be erased and they would start all over. Not quite. What we have now, is an alternative parallel reality. The producers are calling this a "FLASH SIDEWAYS" (clever). Anyways, we see Jack on the plane, feeling a bit startled and looking around a bit. Everything is different this time around.

Skip forward a bit and we see our fine survivors waking up next to the hatch in the year 2007. The H-bomb threw them back into the future. Juliets voice is heard from the rubble and handsome Sawyer comes to save her. As she lays there dying, she mumbles about getting some coffee and "we can go dutch."

Ok, so lets stop here. What on earth is going on here? Which timeline is real and which is not? Well, let me share with you my theory that I had worked on for a while. I think it fits pretty well (not perfect, but well). Let us take a sporting strole down memory lane to season 3's "Flashes before Your Eyes. If you recall, Desmond recollects how after the hatch explosion (which he was IN) tossed 'him' back into his past self inside his old apartment with Penny. The kicker is that subconsciencsely he realizes something is up. He remembers things, but he can't fully pinpoint what it is.

I believe this is exactly what happened in his episode and will be shown throughout the rest of the season. It is pretty clear that Jack has some faint memory of a different reality while he is flying. The H-bomb blowing had the same affect on our survivors as the hatch did to Desmond. Another piece of evidence to support this is the Juliet's dying jibberish. Is it familiar to you????? Well it should if you call yourself a true LOST fan. Her conscience was traveling to the other reality where she was talking to someone else. We saw this with Charlotte before she died. She started blanking in and out. This is why Juliet told Miles "IT WORKED." It did work, just not in the way they thought it would.

The obvious difference between the two stories is this. With Desmond, he merely traveled to a different time (unless the producers are screwing with us and that TOO was a different reality). In our case, its not just a time issue, but a different reality moving parallel with our own. I believe the answer to this is simply because detonating the bomb really DID Destroy the Island. That is why the Island is underwater. So this alternative reality was created because the Island was destroyed (this was the bomb's doing) but at the same time, not only is there a different reality, but this reality is now infused with a parallel conscienseness (this was due to the enormous amount of radioactive exotic energy underneath the hatch) My guess is that we will be seeing more characters starting to remember things. So just to recap this part: With Desmond, there was no bomb, only radioactive exotic energy which transplanted his mind. But with our characters, not only was there that SAME energy that hit Desmond, but there was ALSO a bomb that destroyed everything causing a —so far— 1) a permanent alternative reality 2) but with vague memories of a different reality.

BTW, did you notice the wound on Jack's face when he was in the lavatory. I have a feeling we will be seeing a reason for that. Or, perhaps the blast of the bomb somehow scared him in this reality. Not sure, but I think the writers put it there for a reason. And whats with the missing coffin with Christian inside????? Major story there coming up, I am sure.

Ok, let's go on. After some hoopla, our heroes arrive at the Temple where another batch of "Others' are roasting marshmallows. We at long last finally see what happened to Cindy the Stewardess (thats right, I said STERWARDESS) and the kids that were taken by the Others. If you recall, they have not been seen since Season 3 when Ben told most of his people to head for the Temple. So in the Temple we see a big bath full of bubbling water that is supposed to heal. Jacob tells Hurly to bring Sayid hear in order to save him. Now we know how young Ben was brought back to life. I had earlier suspected that Richard took Ben to the Smoke Monster in order to revive him, since we knew Smoky was underneath the Temple. I just couldn't understand why Richard would take him to the Smoke Monster when he knew Smokey wasn't exactly friendly. Now we know it wasn't the Smoke Monster but infact, a giant whirlpool bath. At least things are clear there. Actually, one things is not clear. The Temple is above ground, and yet underground is where the Monster dwells as we saw when he judged Ben????? That seems strange.

Also, keep an eye for this guy. I have a feeling we might be seeing him. If you recall, he was taken away by Richard after one of his men was killed by Sawyer and Juliet. I have a feeling after taking Paul away from Dharma, he took him to the Temple, though, Paul would be an old man by now.

Now, I have read that supposedly, the reason Jacob wanted Sayid to be taken to the Temple is so Jacob can once again live, but through Sayid's body. Perhaps, but I don't think so. The main reason is because the Temple Others mentioned that they would be in trouble if Sayid was to die. And this happened before they were told of Jacob's death, which means Sayid living has a different importance all together.

Moving around a bit, we finally get the answer of what the mysterious ash was around the Cabin. Turns out, Smokey can't pass through it. Which makes me question why the Sonar Fence is able to repel him. Oh well. Anyways, when the Others hear that Jacob is dead, the immediately fortify the Temple by surrounding it with Ash. This is similar to the Cabin. I am assuming that at some point after the Purge, Jacob was kept safe in the Cabin with the ash around it. Ok, so why ash? Not sure yet, but I just saw a video (sorry, forgot the link) where they mention something interesting. The writers have previously stated that there is a volcano on the Island that will be part of the story. And what comes out of volcanos????? No, not Rosie O'Donell, but ash. Tons and tons of ash comes out of volcanos. Will this be how the Enemy Locke will be destroyed??? If you remember, in the episode showing Ben's childhood, the teacher was teaching the children about volcanic eruptions. Anyways, so now that we know Jacob's Enemy is the Smoke Monster for sure, I have some questions.

1) How as Ben able to summon such a powerful enemy at will
2) Why did Ben even need to be judged by the Smoke Monster? Is there some understanding between the groups that the Smoke Monster plays a vital role in the Island
3) Why didn't the Smoke Monster ever kill the Others before? Was it because Jacob was alive and now that he is dead he can go and kill or take over the Temple and the Others?

The truth is, we will have to wait. After coming out of the Statue, Locke/Enemy goes to Richard and tells him that its good to see him "out of his chains." So now we almost have full proof evidence that Richard was from the Black Rock slave ship. Richard, also seems to know who this enemy is, and I can't wait to see how their histories are shared. Anyways, Locke knocks Richard and carries him toward the jungle, most likely to the Temple (or a stop at the "Love Cabin" wink, wink). Before he departs, he tells everyone they should be ashamed of the themselves. I am guessing there is some importance to this as well as the fact that Enemy/Locke tells Ben that he "wants to go home." Damn, I can't even imagine what that means. Could he be from an alternative reality????

Just to end this, the whole show has always been about destiny vs free will. So far, destiny is winning. Everything so far seems to following a set course set out by Jacob himself. Jacob gave Hurly a guitar case with a special message to the leader of the Temple Others. But wait a minute. If Hurly was supposed to give them the case, why did they end up traveling to 1977??? Well, it's because they were SUPPOSED to go there in order to get the rest of their LOST friends. But how would they get back to where supposedly Jacob wants them???? Well, we have a handy H-bomb they can use. So just to take Faraday's famous "Whatever happened, happened" line, I would say "Whatever needs to happen, will happen." And whatever needed to happen in order to fulfill Jacob's plan, is so far happening.

I am sure the rest of the season, we will be seeing more of this tension especially what with this alternative reality.

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