Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Follow the Leader

Well, LOST is up to it's usual self....being a total mental rollarcoaster. Seriously, can anyone figure out anything that's going on? Ever since Faraday came back and said things "can" change, I have almost raised my hands in surrender. The writers are basically saying: "HA!, you think you know what's going on? Well, you don't know NOTHING." I think many people have had this feeling for a while, but for some reason, it hit me last night. Anyways here we go.

  • Lets start by looking at some of the characters. First, there is Jack. This episode made it clear that he has now become John Locke. A man of destiny. Seems also, that like John Locke, he is willing to do whatever is needed to make sure that destiny is followed. In Jack's craze, he is willing to blow up a H-bomb because he feel that is why he was lead back to the Island. This is reminicent of Locke's behaivor such as killing Naomi in making "whatever supposed to happen....happens." Ben is playing the sneaky rat hiding in the shadows and secretly attempting to pull the strings. For some reason, I think many of us were thinking there is something redeeming about Ben, but now, he seems to have returned to his old glorious self. Locke believes he has purpose now. Before, he was the follower trying to figure things out. Now, he knows exactly what's going on and taking control. He is also playing a sort of Barak Obama role (It's funny cause I thought about that, and then happened to see the same inferencec here). He is trying to be as open and transparent to his people as possible. Alpert (the old guard) does not seem to like this at all. In fact, there might be consequences to what Locke wants to do, and Alpert knows this. The only thing I can tell of Sawyer is, is that he becomes the Jack Shepard. From next week's episode, we see a man that doesn't believe in desinty, vs Jack, who now does. This a classic Jack vs Locke scenerio. Where this will end I don't know.
  • Alpert building a little ship in the bottle. Is this a hint to a relationship with the Black Rock?
  • In 2007 Alpert lets Sun know that he watched the Losties die. My theory....he kills them.
  • We learn that the h-bomb was barried underneath what is now the barracks. Now, others have noticed that the barracks site in what looks like a crater. From what I am reading on Lostpedia, the producers have said that the Island is volcanic and the volcano is going to play some part in the show. Craters or calderas like these can be the result of a major eruption. Olivia mentioned that an eruption occured a long long time ago (which implies it has not erupted in a long time). We also know now that the bomb is located in "tunnels" underneath the barracks. Now, I may be wrong, what if these tunnels are part of the volcano that errupted a long time ago. Maybe, since then, these tunnels were converted over to contain Egyptian 'decor." What if setting of the h-bomb will somehow reactivate the volcano. This might fit into the producers mentioning that the volcano will play a part. Just a thought.
  • Alpert mentions that they way to get the bomb out is the same exact way they got it in the first time. So how did they get it in the first time? I have a feeling it was ol Smokey.
  • Locke says the Island told him when his past self would arrive. So what does this mean? I have a feeling that when Locke was in the woods in the episode "Dead is Dead," it was then that he was somehow told. So who told him? Was it Jacob?. I think the answer lies in what Locke has become. There is no other way to explain Locke "rebirth" without thinking of Christian. Christian "knows" the Island. He comes and goes as he pleases. I have a feeling this is how Locke "knows."
  • I love the way they show us Richard being pretty much displeased with the way things are moving. Both in 1977 and the issue of getting to the bomb, and him having to deal with Locke in 2007.
  • I find it interesting how Ben and Alpert are so suprised with all this time traveling stuff. Wouldn't they know all of this stuff? I am asking because it seems to make sense that the Island was move at different time as well. Remember the polar bear that was found in Tunisia? Well, the only way to get to Tunisia is to move the Island which would mean the Island moves. So why are Ben and Alpert so astonished by how this whole disapearing shtick happens? Oh well.
  • Why would Locke want to kill Jacob? Perhaps he wants to take his place. Perhaps this is the only way to free Jacob. Remember that in season 3, Jacob said "Help Me." Maybe this is how Locke intends to help Jacob. But if this is what Locke is 'meant' to do, then why would Christian want Locke off the Island?
  • What ever happened, happened: Ok, so this is the part I dread. I dread it, because I just don't know how to piece anything together anymore. So do they manage to stop the "incident" and thus preventing the plane crashing by blowing up the h-bomb? Reason tells me no. The reason is simple. We SEE that in 2007 there is no alternate future. Richard mentioned that Ben turned the wheel which means everything happens as it supposed to happen. But then again, this is LOST, and somehow, somewhere, the writers might decide to totally throw us in the other direction. Anyways, I am thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, Hawking did not ONLY send the Oceanic 6 back to the Island so that her son might die, and everything that in the past happened, will happen, but for them to help in "fixing" things. But then again, that still doesn't make sense, because had they "fixed" things in the past (1977) then she would never had the need to send Faraday off to the Island back in 2004. Maybe we are still missing a major "Variable:" Desmond. Hawking had said that he Island is not done with him yet. Arrggghhhh..You see? You see? That is why there is no point in any of this anymore. It's just too insane. Maybe we should just shut up and enjoy the show wherever it takes us.


Sue said...

I was watching last night and throwing up my hands in frustration almost every five minutes--but LOVING it!!!...The writing--it's all in the writing, and I have never seen another show in all of my life that is so intense and involving!......Thanks for your blog--while it's hard to clarify anything, I am glad you feel the same way!!! :)

Chris McDougall said...

"In 2007 Alpert lets Sun know that he watched the Losties die. My theory....he kills them."

My theory is that he only assumes that they are dead due to Ben's poisoning of the Dharma town.

As for the whole time travel thing, it's that Faraday has "found a way out" when it really seems that time in the show has been flowing in a single stream. Example: Sayid was supposed to shoot Ben and is the actual reason Ben becomes one of the The Others. But they could be alluding to another theory where there's certain important events that can't be changed (if you try, it someone finds a way to correct itself) while most minor events are changeable. This is partly what Terminator 3 did in order to correct the plotholes that Terminator 2 presented.

They're really skirting towards crashing and burning the time travel narrative. But that's what makes it exciting. So far they have done a very good job with it.

SYL said...
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Ari said...

- I agree with your suggestion that Locke is fulfilling Jacob's wishes by finding him and killing him. Jacob pleaded for Jon to help him. He will be freed/released from the island's bond.

- I just thought Locke told Richard to save him because he remembered that Richard said "you told me to" so he was just making everythihng come true.
Kind of loopy . . . but I thought that's how this time-travel stuff works.

- I hope they stick with the first explanation that you can't change time and create alternate futures. I hope that Farraday just went a little nutso and in turn ended up setting those very events in motion (like Charlotte & Miles leaving the island wouldn't have happened without his warning).

- I'm also wondering if the Black Rock will play any role. Remember when Widmore made a big deal out of bidding for the captain's journal. Does that have any significance?
Was it just sentimental?
Was it supposed to help him locate the island when he was looking for it?