Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Like It Hoth

Did you miss me? Whatever, lets get to it. Not much in the episode, but that doesn't mean its bad. It just means the writers have to set things up for us. So here we go my eager reader.

  • The guy that is killed at the location where the Swan is being built was clearly caused by the electromagnetic energy that caused his tooth filling to shoot out of his skull. As we know, while building the Swan, they dug a little too deep and caused the "incident" which required the procedure of the punching in the numbers. I read somewhere that the season finale might involve "the incident" and from the look of things, it might be true. How much do you want to make a bet that Hurly is the one that gives them the idea to use the 'numbers' for the micro processor computer.
  • What did Dr. Chang need with the dead body? So at first I was thinking there is no way that they could conduct time experiments on the body since a) Orchid is still being built b) as we saw in beginning of the season Faraday was there when they JUST tapped into the 'exotic matter' c) Faraday being gone, that episode of Faraday being down there has not happened yet and eventually he will arrive to help its construction d) with the return of Faraday now, I figured at last the season premiere part of him working on the Orchid, will occur soon. THIS IS WRONG. The part of Faraday working on the Orchid, and Dr. Chang discovering there is a 'wheel' behind the wall has already happened within the 3 years our Losties have been living there. You know this because then, Faraday was simply a worker being pushed around. Now, Faraday is a scientist, and there is no way you put a scientist to do the crap work. No, apparently, Faraday at some point within the 3 years as working like a chump, left the Island, and now, has returned to them.
  • Faraday off the Island is probably the scientist that created the mathematical equation in the 'Lamppost station' that Hawking was talking about.
  • Hey, remember that minor character named Jack Shepard?? Ya, well, the writers were generous to give him a cameo. In it, he is erasing a chalkboard with some neato stuff. Pic from here

You can see all the Egyptian writings on the board. I guess this means that Dharma has some knowledge to the history of the Island and perhaps where these Others came from

  • Bram (the same guy with Ilana that crashed on Ajira) tells Miles NOT to get on boat and that Widmore is a bad guy. OK, so now we know that Ilana and her homies are NOT working with Widmore as was previously thought. Ok, so are they with Ben? Were they Ben's inside people back on the Mainland that he told Locke about in season 4? Not sure about that either because if Ilana was with Ben, then Ben would not have asked them what's in the Box last episode. Is this a new Dharma? Are they with Hanso? They mentioned the same war that Widmore told Locke about. Ok, so if they are not on Widmore's side, what other side is there?
  • SEASON FINALE HINT? Ok, so the men in charge of Lost have confirmed the code name for the season finale is called "The Fork in the Outlet." Take a close look at the picture above. Under the words "Writings of the words of God" there is a peculiar hieroglyphic that looks like some sort of odd looking fork and and outlet. Could be something there.


Sue said...

You mention nothing about Miles seeing himself as a baby....This whole thing about "Once you leave the island you can't come back" is all screwy now....and the whole Star Wars references were pretty neat....Hurly mentioning he was writing a script as a sequal to "Star Wars" was a riot!!!!

Hanan said...

a) what about seeing him as a baby? I don't see a big deal

b) The whole thing of not being able to come back to the Island is when you MOVE the Island, not when you leave it.