Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the LOST Hangover

I am sure many people feel like they are going through a hangover after watching LOST, especially thursday mornings. This blog is really just a place I can put my thoughts down and discuss it with readers. I am not planning on giving an in depth recap to the episodes (there are plenty of sites for that). I simply plan on just laying down thoughts, probably with bullet marks. I also plan to use other sites (which will be listed on the side bar) for information and theories. Anyways enjoy


Sue said...

is is awesome- You bring up the same questions I was thinking and a lot of answers and things to think about...Now we don't have to wait two weeks for Sean! THANKS--

Sue said...

OK..I am confused a little about Ben..Sun knocks him out so on the little island where the runway is, he is still there when Frank and Sun land on the main island...I am curious as to the fact that he won't be able to come to the main island as he is only 10 there....Can the island sustain two Bens??? Also- We were told "EVERYTHING HAS TO BE THE SAME" going back, but obviously the crash wasn't.....there are a lot of nuances in this episode....Thanks for clarifying them!!

Sue said...

am feeling being alone on a lost island...or being lost on an alone island...or being somwhere else in time....I think Chanan consumed too many matzah balls and wine and is sleeping on the couch....but we have work tomorrow!!!--I also noticed I am the only one posting comments--I have too much time on my hands--need to work more!!! :)